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The “Symbol” Choir was founded on September 18th 1990 by professor Jean Lupu under the high patronage and with the blessing of Teoctist, the Head of the Romanian Orthodox Church. All the members of the choir are excellent musicians and good Christians representing a unique voiceprint in the Romanian choral music assembly.

The “Symbol” Choir has sung on the most prestigious stages all over the country - The Palace Hall, The Radio Hall, The Romanian Athenaeum, The Opera House, The Music Academy, The Houses of the Parliament, The Cotroceni Palace - as well as in numerous churches and cathedrals from Bucharest and from all over Romania. An emphasis should be stressed on the fact that The “George Enesco” National Philharmonic includes at least one concert of the “Symbol” choir every year.

The “Symbol” choir’s discography is also extremely impressive and extensive: over 100 choral works recorded for the National Radio Station, in Kardex; 16 LP’s, of which 4 CD’s and 4 similar audio cassettes and other 9 CD’s. There is also 1 video cassette shot at the monasteries from around Bucharest – “The Angels’ Voices”, 1992.

It is also worth mentioning the fact that the “Symbol” choir was twice in a row (2001, 2002) included on the list of nominees for the Romanian Music Awards, for its first 2 CD’s, along with other famous Romanian artists and musicians such as Ion and Mădălin Voicu, Dan Iordăchescu and the “Madrigal” Choir.

In 1994, the Romanian composer D.D. Stancu especially wrote “The Mass of St. John the Chrysostom” to the “Symbol” choir; the work was first presented at the National Romanian Composers’ Association.

On May 9, 1999 the “Symbol” choir had the honour of singing in the Holy Mass in the presence of Pope John Paul II.

In 1995 and 2000, at its fifth and tenth anniversary, the choir and its conductor, Mr. Jean Lupu were awarded special diplomas on behalf of the National Romanian Composers’ Association and of the National Choral Association, as well as one of the highest Orthodox distinctions on behalf of Teoctist, Head of the Romanian Orthodox Church.

The monograph “Through Music towards God” (Prin muzică spre Dumnezeu), written by Doina Popa-Scurtu, was dedicated to the “Symbol” choir on its tenth anniversary, too.

On the choir’s 15th anniversary, the Poveste fără sfârşit – Symbol, 15 ani / Never Ending story – Symbol, 15 years” bilingual album was released.

In January 2007, when Romania joined the European Union, the „Symbol” choir gave a concert entitled „Bucharest – City of Music” which was broadcast in all EU member states and other countries.

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